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The fourth generation of mobile networks will truly turn the current mobile phone networks, in to end to end IP based networks, couple this with the arrival of IPv6, every device in the world will have a unique IP address, which will allow full IP based communications from a mobile device, right to the core of the internet, and back out again. If 4G is implemented correctly, it will truly harmonise global roaming, super high speed connectivity, and transparent end user performance on every mobile communications device in the world.

4G is set to deliver 100mbps to a roaming mobile device globally, and up to 1gbps to a stationary device. With this in mind, it allows for video conferencing, streaming picture perfect video and much more.

It wont be just the phone networks that need to evolve, the increased traffic load on the internet as a whole (imagine having 1 billion 100mb nodes attached to a network over night) will need to expand, with faster backbones and oceanic links requiring major upgrade.

4G wont happen over night, it is estimated that it will be implemented by 2010, and if done correctly, should take off rather quickly.

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